Thursday, June 9, 2011

The weirdest place I've ever seen.

Recently, I went back home to Miami, and although I've pretty much grown up there, there's still a lot about it I don't know.  Case in point:  Jimbo's.  

From their website: Jimbo's is not a bar, but you can buy ice cold beer there.  It's not a restaurant or a convenience store, but you can buy the best smoked fish you ever tasted there. It's not a marina, but you can pull your boat up to this natural, eco-friendly location anytime and just hang out.

There are run-down, uninhabitable cottages, old sofas, signs and license plates, mannequins, tires, turned-over boats, stuffed animals up in the trees, cats, dogs, a bus...

...all in the most tranquil, lush setting.

And for the record, I wasn't brave enough to  taste the smoked fish.  Or buy the cold beer.


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