Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Dogs.

I don't know if every beach here is dog-friendly, but there sure are a lot of beaches that allow them.  We have no problem with this, because the dogs are well-behaved and fun for little S to look at. We've never taken ours, mostly because 1) we don't have extra room in the car with all our beach gear 2)she'd probably lick every person there 3)she doesn't like the water anyway, and 4) we'd have to bathe her to get the sand off her.  

Our dog is not the brightest star in the sky, although she is the sweetest thing, almost to a fault.  One time, when we took her to a dog park with a large waterfall-like fountain, she thought she was drowning when her front paws accidentally slipped in to the water.  It took her a few moments too long to realize that only half of her was actually in the water, and all she had to do was hold her head up.  

I doubt she'd ever let us put her on a surfboard.  And I really don't feel like resuscitating a dog, so I'll stick with taking pictures of other, braver, dogs.  

Here is our girl, who'll take grass over sand any day of the week.

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