Friday, June 8, 2012 photos (so far)

I decided to challenge myself to start blogging regularly, and start taking  more photos of our life.  Lately, I've been focusing more on my little business, Aloha Living Photography, and less on capturing the moments in our life. So I decided that at least for June, I would take one photo each day and write a blurb about it.  

June 1 - went to a potluck and had no idea what to make, so I turned to my Pinterest board for inspiration and tried this out.  Definitely a hit!

June 2 - I can take a thousand pictures of that face.  I'll stick to this one for today :)

June 3 - I LOVE Mason Jars and will now find any excuse to use one.  I also add grated ginger to it, but I forgot on this particular day.

June 4 - No tears here!  We were both so happy.  My husband and our friend came home during their lunchtime and cheered for him as he walked in from school! 

June 5 - It's important to stop and smell the plumerias!

June 6 -  We water our flowers and herbs every afternoon.  I don't remember what he was telling me when I snapped this, but probably something having to do with an airplane. We do live on an Air Force Base, and the sounds of planes overhead is totally normal to him. 

June 7 - I only took photos of my husband's snack today.  He loves home-made toasted pita chips.  It's one of the only healthy things he'll eat.  I'll take it. 

There you go.  My week in one photo a day.  Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to show you next time.


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