Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Triple Crown of Surfing.

That's Joel Centeio (blue shirt), a local Hawaiian pro,  with Joel Parkinson on the bottom right.

Last winter, we were big surfing competition watchers.  We still are, but the season is over for now and we just watch repeats on the Surfing Channel.  The Triple Crown competition is the biggest one, and we predicted the winner, Joel Parkinson from Australia.  Unfortunately, we only made it to the Haleiwa Pro competition (there were 2 others, but rain and low wave delays made it hard for us to go on the weekdays.)   We did make it to the North Shore on some non-competition days, though, and enjoyed days of surfing, laying on the sand, and playing in the water.


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  1. Thanks for postng these pics and a surfing channell!! woohoo how lucky, I want to see if we can get that. There are surfing competitions in Santa Cruz which ia about 45 min from where I live now (Monterey) I will have to keep my eyes open. your pics are so inviting. I can almost feel the breeze.


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