Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Cards.

This year, I want to get on the ball early (although it's already Thanksgiving) and send out Holiday Cards on time.  I have a few ideas in mind,  but now I just need the pictures of the three (+ Anoush) of us!  Let me say that I am hardly in pictures because I'm not photogenic, not because coincidentally, I also end up taking all the pictures of our family.  

I have a bunch of albums up in my Shutterfly account, which I've been using  for years now, so it's really going to be a matter of finding some time (hail nap time!) to go through them and choose my favorite ones.  This year, I'm ordering my Holiday Cards from them.  I wanted  a beachy-theme to fit our Aloha lifestyle, so I've narrowed it down to the holiday photo cards.    I may even do a Calendar as a present for our parents, with a picture of us from the corresponding month from this year.  

What do you think of these? And no, this is not my family.  :)






I'm leaning towards "b" or "e."  Any suggestions?  

They have a zillion cards to choose from, and bloggers can receive 50 free cards!  Click here to learn all about it.



  1. I like "e"! It's so you. Cool blog -- I'll have to read more later. Miss you!

  2. I like C and E. E is super cute, but I love the multiple photo option on C.
    Love, Carrie

  3. i like E the best. it looks like you to me. But i'll love whatever card I get :-)


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