Thursday, September 16, 2010

An End, and a New Beginning!

As of this Thursday, I am taking a permanent sabbatical at work (i.e. they don't need me anymore) and will be dedicating myself full-time to my favorite person - no, not me (although I'm a close second) - my little Chuchi!

There are other reasons I'm happy to be staying at home:

1.  No more 3 hours of commuting!  Ever since school started back up, traffic has been HORRIBLE, to say the least.  I've been late to work every single day since mid-August (my tardiness has nothing to do with me not having a job anymore, I assure you).

2.  No more having to get ready in 10 minutes and out the door in 20, with an 18-month old in tow.  I can actually have breakfast at home, and feed my child something nutritious in the mornings.

3.  I can finally organize the closets.  I haven't had any time to do it since starting work a week after moving into our house.

4.  No more heels!  I hate them, no matter how cute they may be.  Give me a pair of flip-flops (or "slippers") as they call them here, and I'm happy!

I'm also going home this week, to enjoy some much-needed free babysitting and time off from mommyhood to do things like get a pedicure and sleep in.


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  1. enjoy your time with your baby and catching up on your life. Mahalo!


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