Monday, August 23, 2010

Around Town - Part 1...and a shout-out!

Since I work downtown, I told myself that I should go exploring at least once a week - it's hot outside and once a week is about all I can do right now.  I can't wait for Fall, when I can take my lunch and eat it picnic-style on the Palace lawn (you'll have to stay tuned for that post).

Luckily, Chinatown is just down the street from my office, and I can go whenever I need a break from my corporate job.

There are tons of open markets with all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  Some foods I recognize...

...and some I don't.

And then, of course, no tour of Chinatown would be complete without hanging ducks...

and Jellyfish!

In other news, my new friend Emily at Finding my Aloha gave me a Sunshine Award! Yeay!!

I'm passing it on to Laura at Sealaura whose blog is about celebrating the coastal lifestyle, one day at a time!



  1. thanks for the blog love nadia and for voting for my newman! xoxo L

  2. Oh Nadia, you make me hungry! I love Chinatown! My Aunt used to be a docent at the Palace. And, you are very welcome for the award my dear :)


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