Wednesday, June 9, 2010

People you may not have known are Hawaiian

In this first edition of "People you may not have known are Hawaiian" (how's that for a long title?), I'm featuring Jack Johnson! If you're a fan of his, then you may have known this already. If you're not a fan, what's wrong with you?? Just probably don't know much about him.

Here are some quick facts: He's from the North Shore in Oahu (my FAVORITE area), started surfing at age 5, but stopped after a bad surfing incident that left him with more than 150 stitches. He is an environmentalist, is involved in the local community, and he has my all-time favorite name for a boy (yup, that's a fact!)

If you ever feel like going to the beach but can't get there, his music will take you on a mental vacation!

Here's the video for "You and Your Heart" - from his new CD To The Sea.

You can get more info on Jack Johnson and his music at his website:
(when I first looked him up, I put in and got a resort developer - maybe I should become a fan of them too!)

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  1. hi nadia,
    i found you via finding my aloha.

    i do know who jack johnson is and love his music..especially better together and banana pancakes! anything aloha brings back memories of our trip to maui in 2006. we were there for 2 weeks and it was we beached, explored and ate wonderful food...loved it all and hope to someday go back...just wish it was closer than 14 hrs by plane!

    judi ;)


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