Friday, May 7, 2010

How do you Hawaiian?

I've been here a few months and have picked up the lingo. They locals say that my Hawaiian pronunciation is pretty good.

Here are a few simple words to get you started:

Aloha (n.) Hello, goodbye, I love you. (ok, ok, everyone knows this one already)
Aloha, have a great night!

Haole - (n.) slang for a non-native Caucasian.
Look at the hauli trying to surf!

Mahalo - (n.) thank you.
Mahalo for removing your sandy shoes.

Keiki - (n.) child.
It's such a beautiful day, I think I'll take my keiki to the park!

Pupu - (n.) appetizer, snack
My favorite pupu is coconut battered fried shrimp, yah?

Stay tuned for more "Hawaiian" words in future posts!

Aloha for now!

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